Scrapping of industrial machinery

RECICLAJES SAN ADRIAN SL buys obsolete industrial machinery for scrapping.

The RECICLAJES SAN ADRIAN SL Waste Management Centre has the authorisation to carry out Machinery Scrapping at its facilities, which consists in the recovery of obsolete industrial machinery, to obtain recoverable materials such as metals, plastics, etc., and marketable parts.

Our activity receives the obsolete machinery and machinery that has reached the end of its useful life principally from public works, agriculture and industrial activities.

The machinery is subsequently decontaminated and scrapped so as to reuse good-condition parts, even the chassis.

The decontamination process carried out at our facilities consists in the extraction of the fluids from the machinery by suction (fuels, oils, brake fluid, antifreeze and coolant), as well as other dangerous components such as batteries.

Once the machinery has been decontaminated, it is scrapped, in order to extract recoverable parts to be sold, and the recoverable materials such as metals, plastics, tyres, batteries, etc., which are taken to authorised management plants for recycling.