Waste management

The RECICLAJES SAN ADRIAN SL Waste Management Centre, located in the municipality of Sant Fost de Campsentelles (Barcelona), and authorised by the Catalonia Waste Agency with code number E-1504.14, has the environmental licence for the following activities:

  • Recovery of recoverable slag (non-hazardous waste), from municipal waste energy recovery plants. The slag recovery is carried out pursuant to the criteria established in the Order of 15 February 1996, no slag recovery.
  • Recovery of recoverable steel slag (non-hazardous waste), from steel mills. The recovery of this slag is carried out pursuant to the technical conditions established in Decree 32/2009, of 24 February, on the recovery of steel slag.
  • Recovery of non-hazardous industrial waste (metals, plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, cables, etc.).
  • Decontamination and scrapping of obsolete industrial machinery.

RECICLAJES SAN ADRIAN SL, offers the following services in waste management matters:

  • Authorised waste management, with the authorisation code from the Catalonia Waste Agency, E-1504.14.
  • Authorised waste transport, with the authorisation code from the Catalonia Waste Agency, T-1463.
  • Environmental management: preparation of the annual waste statement, annual packaging statement, registration of waste producers, industrial waste register, acceptance sheets and tracking sheets.
  • Environmental consultancy: we advise all our clients on all environmental issues relating to their activity, proposing the most efficient, professional and economic management, always complying with all applicable legal provisions.
  • Waste optimisation and minimisation studies.
  • Industrial waste management container provision.