RECICLAJES SAN ADRIAN SL is specialized in the production of Escograva, a recycled and sustainable aggregate obtained from the recovery of slag from Energy Recovery Plants and Metallurgical Plants.

What is Escograva?

Escograva is a completely metal-free material, suitable for application in construction as sub-base for roads, land infilling and levelling, road improvements and the restoration of areas degraded by extraction activities, and it has an economical cost when compared to other conventional materials. The use of Escograva reduces aggregate extraction and improves environmental impact.

Escograva complies at all times with the technical use criteria established in the Order of February 15, 1996 on slag recovery, of The Government of Catalonia.

Escograva is a material produced and refined at our facility, and basically composed of minerals, glass and other inert materials, with an average grain size of 20 mm, and with particles mostly less than 10 mm in diameter.

The reuse of the slag recovered from the Municipal Waste and Metallurgy Plant Energy Recovery Plants of has been encouraged by both the competent authorities and by users in general, since it is a reusable material for application in construction.

Among our collaborators we have construction companies, developers, quarry and cement works restoration companies that have used the land as a by-product for its production.

Geotechnical characteristics

Escograva is a granular, non-collapsible, non-expansive, plastic-free material with good bearing capacity.

It is a well-granulated aggregate with a density of 1.750 kg/m3 and no plastic. With a CBR index > 80 at 100% of the modified Proctor.